It’s our knowledge of your local property market, combined with a boutique, customised approach to client service that sets us apart. Our team is informed, focused and empowered. And we love what we do!



Attracting The Right Buyers

Identifying and engaging relevant buyers for your property is one of our core strengths. With our detailed database in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs, we are able to identify buyers whose criteria match your property even before the “official” advertising campaign begins.



Our Unbeatable Team

When you invite Thomas Quixley (Fairfield) Pty Ltd to sell your home, you are engaging one of the area’s most dedicated and well-resourced sales teams. Our strong team of auctioneers are intimately involved with the sales process – understanding your needs and focused on showcasing the key features that set your property apart. And let’s not forget Thomas Quixley (Fairfield) Pty Ltd’s “behind-the-scenes” team in administration and marketing. This level of resourcing for every property sale leads to significantly better results.



Local Expertise

Our success and market leadership is testament to our detailed knowledge of the local property market. This intimate knowledge is used to provide quality advice and insight to our clients.



Relationships With Buyers Advocates

We have built strong, genuine relationships with 3rd party buyers advocates who increasingly represent a vital source of buyers locally, interstate and internationally. Again, this ensures we can bring every possible buyer to your doorstep.




Finally, we believe in transparency and clarity. Nothing should be “hidden”. We share information and develop relationships built on trust. Our ethical approach underpins our consistent business growth.